Relationships and competence are key when working in theatre

Relationships and competence are key when working in theatre
Posted on 02/16/2018
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We all know how important networking and relationships are in business – and it only makes sense that the same applies to the business of theatre. Indian Hill High School’s current theatre staff of Director Katie Arber, Technical Director Scott Kimmins, and Consultant Tim Judge are living testaments to this.

The three have known each other for decades. Katie Pees (later to become Arber) grew up in the same neighborhood as Tim, and performed in one of his shows as an 8th grader … Scott studied under Tim at Wright State University, and worked with Katie in a number of shows throughout the years.

The relationship continued throughout the years, through various jobs and locations, until today, when the three came together again.

Indian Hill owes having Scott with us to Katie: “I probably wouldn’t have pursued the position if I didn’t know the person who was Theatre Director,” he confesses. “But because it was Katie, and because I’ve also known Kyle [Himsworth, former Auditorium Manager] for many years, I decided to pursue my interest in adding teaching to my job description.”

And we also owe having Tim join us for Pow Wow to this relationship, as he has always enjoyed the working relationship with Scott and Katie that started back in the early 90s.

Of course, relationships aren’t the whole story – you have to know your stuff as well. But both Scott and Tim stress that if you work hard and can do a good job, you’ll always be able to make a living in technical theatre: “I have seen people doing something they love and make a living at it, at every level, all across the country,” Tim asserts. And Scott adds, “I’m here to attest, from the day I entered college, I’ve had no trouble getting a job. You can earn a living, make a life, doing technical theatre.”