A story of fiscal responsibility

The #IHPromise: A story of fiscal responsibility
Posted on 08/20/2018
Indian Hill School District Treasurer Mick Davis

In the few short years since Dr. Miles and I joined the Indian Hill School District, we have worked to prioritize the District’s needs and to align those with our community’s expectations. That includes being conservative with our finances and maximizing the resources we have. Our financial journey is a story of limited state support, and conservative fiscal management.

Over the last number of years, our schools have seen very little growth from the District’s revenue sources. The Indian Hill Exempted Village School District receives very little revenue from the state school funding system so we must rely on local property taxes to fund our District. It is important to note that the Indian Hill Exempted Village School District has the lowest tax rate in Hamilton County. This comes as a surprise to many people. In addition, it is important to note that the Ohio Revised Code contains language that keeps property taxes from growing over time with inflation. That means our schools continue to operate from levies passed in the 1980s and earlier with a near-zero inflationary increase.

The second part has to do with the Board of Education being responsive to the community and deciding not to seek a community renewal of an emergency operating levy in 1998. In fact, it is worth noting that voters first approved this last operating issue 24 years ago. That means that our schools have now gone more than 24 years without asking taxpayers for additional operating funds while still offering an exceptional education experience in the classroom.

A third factor is that we have funded much-needed improvements to our buildings and programs by utilizing our existing operating fund instead of asking voters for additional dollars. These updates were needed, and they will help maximize and protect our investment in the school buildings.

Our Indian Hill School District demonstrates the excellence in fiscal operations that match our educational excellence. We regularly earn the recognition from the state auditor’s office for excellence in fiscal reporting, and my #IHPromise to you is to continue to deliver award-winning financial leadership. This August, all residents in the Indian Hill School District will receive a copy of our inaugural Financial Prospectus report. This report is our investment in the understanding of our valued stakeholders in both the successes and challenges facing our schools.

Thank you for continuing to support the excellence of our Indian Hill School District each day. Should you have any questions about our District’s finances, please contact me directly. My calendar is always open to discuss our shared financial investment.

Indian Hill Financial Prospectus August 2018

Click here to view the Indian Hill August 2018 Financial Prospectus Report.


Mick Davis