A Cardboard Challenge!

A Cardboard Challenge!
Posted on 10/11/2018
IHPS students make magic from cardboard

To any passerby, it probably looked like a mess.

Piles of cardboard sat in the middle of the Indian Hill Primary School (IHPS) gym October 10. But IHPS students and teachers knew there was really treasure buried within the mound of old boxes ... slowly students' vision began to take shape, and simple cardboard pieces magically transformed into games, buildings, computers, and more! 

"This is a moment our students will remember for a really long time," said IHPS Principal Jim Nichols. "It provides students with a real-life problem that requires them to collaborate, think critically, and persevere ... all skills they will need throughout life."

Students were engaged in designing and building for four hours. Family members volunteered to help organize the creative chaos.

"It is just an incredible event," said Nichols. "It is exciting to see the joy that students take in explaining their projects to their family; they have a true sense of accomplishment after weeks of planning and building."