A Story Awaits

A Story Awaits
Posted on 11/12/2018
Dr. Mark Miles

It was a simple gift, with a more complex message.

This Staff Opening Day for the 2018 – 2019 school year, each member of our Indian Hill School District team left with a single red pencil marked in black print with the phrase “A Story Awaits …”


Each school year has a story.


Each interaction with our students, parents, and colleagues influences the outcome of the story we are crafting. These myriad interactions and experiences become the stories of our lives shared with others.


Our goal as a team this school year has been to keep our pencils sharp for those who we serve. Some have also used those pencils to keep gratitude journals each day as we reflect on the moments when we were able to make a difference in the story of someone else, or when someone had a positive influence on our personal story, and to write “thank you notes” to each other when we have recognized a moment of magic.


Working within this type of culture is just one of the reasons why I am thankful to be Brave, and I am thankful for our Brave family.


During this month designed to give thanks – I want to do just that – putting my own “pencil” to use. I want to thank each parent who trusts us to craft a magical story for their child; I want to thank each staff member who strives each day to make that magic happen; I want to thank the support organizations that grant wishes for our students and our staff each year; I want to thank our community for the gift of their support to ensure we can continue to create this magic in the future; and, I want to thank our Board of Education for always serving as a steady guide along the way.


I wish you a restful holiday with the people in your life who are helping to craft your story. As authors of the story in the process of being written, we will continue to serve, lead, and inspire as characters who may be remembered for a lifetime.


In service to our children,

Mark T. Miles, Ph.D.