"Magnum officium," IHHS Latin Club!

"Magnum officium," IHHS Latin Club!
Posted on 03/23/2018
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Indian Hill Latin Club participated in the 2018 OJCL convention in Columbus and came back with tremendous results! As always, our students represented themselves and Indian Hill well in every way; and most importantly, they had fun. Here are some highlights:

  •  Our 32 students earned a total of 1144 sweepstakes points, earning 2nd place overall.
  • The club was 1st place in overall points per capita!
  •  The club was 8th in academic points per capita.
  • Our students brought home 202 total awards with an awesome 95 top five finishes!
  • Hanna Zandvakili was elected 1st Vice President of Ohio.
  • Our Novice Level Certamen team of Avery Valz, Ryan Rammacher, Charlie Wallace, Andrew Bond, Ellie Jutze, and Isaac Fiore reached the semifinals, placing 7th.
  • Our Upper Level Certamen team of Alison Ma, Sophie Kushman, Jake Pearson, Maggie Jutze, Kim Zwolshen reached the semifinals and placed 6th.
  • Alison Ma, Maggie Jutze, Kim Zwolshen, and Olivia Sheldon created the Club Banner and Music Video, which received Excellent Ratings.
  • Marc-Aurele Lallement created the Club Commercial, which received an Excellent Rating.
  • Many of our students placed in Overall Points Contests (their rank is relative to every single student in the entire state!)
    • Overall Sweepstakes:
      • Olivia Sheldon placed 1st in Overall Sweepstakes, the highest-scoring student at Convention
      • Sophie Sawyers placed 4th in Overall Sweepstakes.
    • Graphic Arts Overall:
      • Olivia Sheldon placed 1st in Graphic Arts Overall.
      • Sophie Sawyers placed 5th in Graphic Arts Overall.
      • Kelsey Edwards placed 10th in Graphic Arts Overall.
      • Michelle Fu placed 10th in Graphic Arts Overall.
      • Zach Poling placed 9th in Graphic Arts Overall.
  • Best in Shows!
    • Zach Poling received “Best in Show” for his Costume.
    • Olivia Sheldon received “Best in Show” for her Ceramic Pottery.
    • Kim Zwolshen received “Best in Show” for her Pencil Drawing.
    • Hannah Kremer received “Best in Show” for her Mixed Media.
    • Llyona Lallement received “Best in Show” for her Drawn Chart.

First place awards: Indian Hill earned 18th 1st place awards!


  • Elsa Zhou, grade 7, Drawn Map
  • Hannah Kremer, grade 7, Mixed Media
  • Michelle Fu, grade 7, Watercolor
  • Ryan Rammacher, grade 8, Drawn Chart


  • Allen Choi, grade 9, Pencil Drawing
  • Allen Choi, grade 9, Illustrated Quotation
  • Olivia Sheldon, grade 10, Charcoal Drawing
  • Olivia Sheldon, grade 10, Drawn Chart
  • Olivia Sheldon, grade 10, Ceramic Sculpture
  • Olivia Sheldon, grade 10, Woodworking/Metalworking
  • Olivia Sheldon, grade 10, Pastels
  • Olivia Sheldon, grade 10, Drawn Poster
  • Olivia Sheldon, grade 10, Jewelry
  • Maggie Jutze, grade 10, Illustrated Children’s Book
  • Zach Poling, grade 11, Costumes
  • Kelsey Edwards, grade 12, Constructed Chart
  • Kelsey Edwards, grade 12, Ceramic Pottery